FAQ: about that logging

Every so often, I write up these frequently asked questions thingies. Folks keep asking the questions but it’s useful when a project lags for years to have a place to turn to recall details. So, you know, here we go again.

Logging some more

Give us the vital stats: Well, the strips begin at about 3/4″ wide, so the blocks tend to range between 2.75″ and 3″ square. I’m trimming them all down to 2.75″. This means there’ll be a little wonkiness. Not going for exaggerated wonky in this project, however, just want some character flaws here and there.

How many blocks? So far, there are 298 sewn, pressed, and trimmed. That’s just a bit less than half of the goal for a decent lap quilt.

Logging some more

Are you foundation piecing? Nope. Just improvisationally piecing using only scissors until the final round. Again, this shows the human hand at work and avoids the rigidity of sharp paper piecing. Don’t get me wrong, sharp and precise corners make me weak in the knees but there’s just a time and place for that. This, I hope, will be scrappy and a little shabby—purely comfortable.

Logging some more

How will you decide on a layout? I have no idea. This one has been on the design wall for a few weeks and I’ve fiddled with it as more blocks get done. Honestly, just making the blocks feels great. And, in many ways, I’m not sure I care as much about the final quilt. That whole Process-versus-Product is a strong dichotomy for me—and it varies by project. Since there are still quite a few blocks left to make, it’s not yet time to fret about the next step of the plan.


How do you keep the monotony of such projects from doing you in? Great question! Most of my quilts are not block-based because I get bored easily with that sort of piecework. With these just think of each block as a separate mini-project. Every block is different, built with spontaneous choices from a wide variety of fabrics.

What fabrics? Scraps from friendly quilters all over the world, along with my own. I’ve been fortunate to receive the small fragments that folks might have thrown away and helped to find productive life for then in several projects.

Logging some more

Do you have scraps from your scrap piecing? Not this time. The only waste is dust, it seems. This will wipe out my scrap stash pretty much.

Do you want more scraps? Thanks for the offer, but not now. Spending years…yep YEARS…sewing with other folks’ discards means I’ve not touched my stash of prints in forever. Time to revisit my own choices and see what they might amount to. Ask me again in a year, though. I’m sure I’ll be looking for a new challenge then.

When will you finish this quilt? *shrugs shoulders* I dunno. Taking a break to make pineapples and trying not to get distracted by more shiny things.

Any other questions?

the one with the logging

Well, so I had a nightmare. I have lots of bad dreams, no worries. But this one involved death by scraps. You know, they rampage throughout the house and snuff folks out by asphyxiation or just by sheer weight knocking one over onto other piles of cotton. It’d be a colorful way to go, for sure, but maybe there’s a preemptive strike to consider?





This has been a mighty satisfying break from much more serious pursuits. And we’ll see how long I can keep up the good fight.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love logging?

wordless WIP wednesday: the one with the disembodied bunny

The bunny stares.


Oh, this is how I’d rather be spending this Monday morning.

Sewing small.

…sigh. This small sewing is far more thrilling than its size.

Contemplating how to use this blogging space. Sometimes I’m sworn to secrecy about projects, other times I want to hoard the progress to myself until things seem promising enough. In this time of constant production, learning and experimentation, there’s so often little to say. And so I don’t say much.

Sunday stack

But I’m reading loads of books and watching videos that I could tell you about. So I might pop in with a review or a recommendation or two from time to time. I’d like to tie the experiments to the books and do more active reviews. Not sure if I can manage that level of organization, but it would be fun to try.

Okay…have a great week!