(sorta not) silent sunday: the one we must repeat


still working

Yesterday someone asked me if I’m still making quilts, still doing this thing.


Of course, yes. I just don’t talk about it as much as I do it.

not still

As ever, my quilts still speak for me.

not still

Especially in a time when I get “all lives matter”ed in meetings at RealJob.

not still

Things are slower because the side hustle gets sidelined when the main hustle is overly demanding, when RealLife is a deep wail-inducing struggle. And yet, the quilt is the receptacle in which I embed it all. There’s always one in progress–always 1000 in progress in my mind, in my sketchbook, in my heart.

Back soon, I hope, with a reveal.


how ya been?

been waiting…


been caffeinating in warm places…


been working at RealJob…


been judging…heh…


been sewing…


been snowing…often…


been quilting…


been stopping…


been thrifting…


and gonna be bloviating…




slow poetry 2: please remember

That quilt I showed you last week was practice for a bigger series of works. Unfortunately, I’m a worrier and so this smaller quilt was my practice piece to prepare for that one, which was practice for the others that are just wisps of notions. Yeah…it’s both good and not good.

you are you

Of course, it was also a travel project.

you are you

I test out materials (spandex is the devil!), tools (try them out for yourself!), and techniques (read, watch videos, ask questions, experiment!), scientifically and psychically finding the sweet spots for the expression intended. Even my thimbles are deeply researched. Here’s my fave; you may have a different fave. I’m good. This one works for me quite well even when it tarnishes with indigo dye crocking.

you are you

That the process is by hand from start to finish is really what I like most. It’s therapeutic and keeps me grounded while RealLife does everything it can to make be feel a lack of control and free will.

you are you

Some day we’ll have to start talking more openly about memory. Today isn’t that day, but this is my first dip of the toe into the theme.

you are you

As always, it carries many other meanings for me and even more waiting to be discovered.


The Details

Title: slow poetry 2: please remember
Materials: denim, felt, perle cotton thread
Techniques: hand appliqued, hand quilted, hand bound
Finished size: 36 x 29″
Started: June 2017
Finished: Jan 2019