QuiltCon2017 and Fresh Quilting

Of course, the best thing about QuiltCon is the people. I finally got to meet Amanda in real life after years of online friendship.


And got to catch up with a whole lotta other friends, both new and old–like Lucy here. [Check out that Pink Lady girlie drink (lemonade and raspberry vodka) at the Olde Pink House in Savannah. You should go there and have the fried chicken. No, don’t ask any questions. Just get the chicken. And then ask for more cheese straws to-go with your leftover chicken. Just do it.]


I taught classes in small piecing, small hand piecing, and improvisational hand quilting. And, again, those are all about the people. It was heartwarming to get to know a zillion fabulous quilters who love to do the things close to my soul. We tried, we stumbled, we learned, and we excelled beyond belief.




The quilts in the show were the usual mixed bag, with some spectacular ones. I didn’t get to spend much time there, so no photos here. But you’ll find lots of them floating on the interwebs elsewhere. Go look!

Oh, and a new PBS show (sponsored by Brother) debuted at the convention. You can see episodes for brief periods here on their website: Fresh Quilting. I’m in episodes 103 and 105.

105 – Messages and Motifs: Modern quilts express personal statements. Quilt artist Chawne Kimber creates raw edge applique quilts focused on social justice. Quilt guild activist Katie Burford and Elizabeth Dackson share ideas for organizing unique quilt shows on a shoe-string budget. Using the latest design and quilting technology, Rebecca Kemp Brent quilts an updated feather design on a whole cloth quilt.


Okay, back soon! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

tacit thursday: dawn in Savannah

At dawn...

For A…

So this is the one formerly known as the Compost Quilt–there’s a tutorial at that link. Started back on August 20, 2011, according to my flickr photo diary, I was partially inspired by Tonya’s Lego Quilt which was inspired by a vintage quilt. It’s just an orgy of scraps cut into 1.5″ wide strips and sewn together into rail fence or log cabin blocks.

Compost Quilt: the top so far

I finished the 72 x 60″ top in September 2011 and there it sat while I was obsessed with sewing smaller things. Finally let my longarmer, Pamela J. Cole take care of bizness for me in 2015.

For A

Omg, the creepy kitties! They just stare and stare and stare…

creepy kitty

Goodness, those are big pieces. It’s amazing how perspective changes.

For A

And it sat until this weekend in February 2017 when I needed a quilt for a friend starting chemo soon. Quickly finished the frankenbinding so a scrappy hug can be a comfort to her.

For A

Six years isn’t too bad for a pile of fabric bits to become a quilt, right?

tacit thursday: the one with the loops

loopin' it