at Tallgrass Arts

…last weekend was super fun! The Park Forest folks at Tallgrass Arts are super sweet and very into art. It was lovely to meet the curator and other leaders in the organization after a year working with them from afar.

Members of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild (CMQG) showed up in full force on Saturday for the artist talks and then took us out for lunch. We missed out on deep dish, but the pizza was still good. These are some wonderful quilters and I wish I lived close enough to become one of them. Thanks, friends!

The trip ended with flight cancellations due to a monster storm, but that’s the kind of delay one can understand…for safety. Although the Chicago trip was better than expected, it’s great to be back in the groove at home and plotting the next thing.

Here are some photos from the show. A couple of quilts in the shots are new. Will post them in usual style later on.

At Tallgrass Arts
— With CMQG members Emily and Holly

At Tallgrass Arts
— Giving artist talk; photo courtesy of Holly

At Tallgrass Arts

At Tallgrass Arts

At Tallgrass Arts

At Tallgrass Arts

At Tallgrass Arts
— With Alex on opening night

At Tallgrass Arts
— With Eileen, Donna, Sarah, Holly and Emily

this week…

come see me here!

Upcoming exhibit

all done…

…well, except for a sleeve. You can see this quilt and many others at Tallgrass Arts in the Chicago area during June 19-July 25. I’ll be there for the opening on June 19 (7-10pm) and for an artist talk on the morning of June 20.


Six sleeves need to go on, actually, and some last minute photography needs to happen before shipping. It’ll be a long weekend of handwork and chasing good natural light.

See ya!

in other news…

I’m in the middle of a sewing marathon trying to finish up one last quilt for the Chicago show (in a couple weeks…!). Just a little update…

Breaking Bad freaked me out at first in season 1 with the gore of melting bodies in bathtubs that fall through ceilings and sludge and…ewwwwwww! But a new friend suggested that I press on through because the relationships take over. Trust is not easy when it comes to potential nightmare fodder, but I don’t really “watch” tv while sewing and, well, I needed something just to keep playing in the background. Turns out to have been a good idea. It’s a great show!

And someday I might actually put down the needles and watch it fully.


(My sewing room setup is a mish-mash. The ironing board is right in front of the tv. Sometimes the progress stacks overtake the screen completely.)

Meanwhile, the top is assembled and now it’s paper-pickin’ time. Then baste, quilt, face, block, sleeve (this one and a few others, eek!), and ship—within in the next 8 days. *fingers crossed!*