Out and about in the new year

Well, it’s now been a month since last I dropped a frenetic video here and ran away for the holidays. (The music is “Tamacun” by Rodrigo y Gabriela, by the way.)

So little and very much has happened in those few weeks. Here’s a chronological blast of snapshots and blurbs. Kind of another drive-by, but I might come back and say something real again someday…someday.

A little improv


Sleeving for QuiltCon 2016 in Pasadena


Mo’ improv, mo’ love

mo' improv

Flying west, chasing the sun

flying west, chasing the sun

Flying east, over Montana-ish

flying east on the northern route over Montana-ish

(birthday) cake! cake! cake!

cake! cake! cake!

Waiting to fly south

stitching while waiting

Anxious stitching down south


Back north waiting for me, amazing quilt prOn from Bill Volckening (Thanks again, Bill! xo)

sweet quilt pr0n

Communing with handdyed linen

handdyed linen

And an exhibition! I’m a juried artist in The Engaged Object at Foothils Art Center in Golden, Colorado. Opens on Friday. (Click on this photo to see bigger.)

At Foothills

I hope your January has been eventful too. Back soon with more!

silent sunday: a wordless look back

Happy Holidays!! See you in 2016!

(sorta) wordless wednesday: the one for Eric G

The one for Eric G

The one for Eric G

The Details:

Materials: scraps of commercially dyed cottons and neutrals
Techniques: improvisationally-pieced by machine; longarm machine quilted by Pamela Cole; hand quilted by me; hand bound
Finished size: about 78″ square
Started: January 2015
Finished: November 2015

Hi there!

How are ya? I feel like I haven’t spoken to you lately. How are the kids? How’s work? Things are much the same here, though I’m forcing myself to find peaceful moments more often to keep the stress from overtaking me. Surely everything will work out soon, but it’s the need for patience that saps all energy.

If you’d like to see more of the doodles I do, I’m posting daily over on Instagram (@cauchcomplete). And, despite my best judgement, I just joined facebook. Not sure what I’ll use fb for, so give me a moment there.

Honestly, I think I’m sewing all these tiny pieces, in part, because it’s more controlling. Don’t get me wrong: I love the look of the work and the challenge of figuring out how not to make a patchwork of clown barf. But also it can be comforting to obsess a little here and there about the small details.

Sewing small in black.

Made this one from the black scraps of a quilt I started a year ago and finally finished last weekend. Here’s a peek. I’ll show more later.


How about some links?

  • I’ve so far been too distracted to read Addicted to Distraction, a NYTimes opinion piece on all the shiny things online that fragment our attention. My mind is just so split that I have to keep returning to read it. Somehow he managed to wean himself off of it all and I gotta see if it’ll work for me.
  • The embroidery of Rosalind Wyatt isn’t wow-ing me, but there’s something sweet about it. What do you think?
  • On the other hand, I think we all have much to learn from the truly minimalist quilts of Daphne Taylor. They are sweetly calm and spare and inspiring. I think I’ll doodle more in this vein soon, though I’ll never be as good as she is in her designs. Wow! Definitely a wow.

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, if that’s your thing. And I wish us all an amazing December!

xo xo,