I went to a local quilt show a month ago and found some inspiration. [ETA: Unfortunately I failed to write down the names of all the quilters. I was able to zoom in to read the tag. The quilt is called “Honoring Abigail” and the maker is Mary Lou Green.] In particular, this reproduction of a quilt of stars caught my attention and has inspired a few of my online quilting friends.

Timeless Treasures 2010

It is merely some stars sashed with cornerstones, so the construction is relatively simple. What is insane is the sheer number of stars in the quilt. This one has at least 225.

Are we crazy enough to make our own versions of this? I think so!

Here is a brief tutorial on how to make one of these very simple little sashed stars.

Block Size: This makes one 5.5″ unfinished block.

Materials: For one block, you’ll need scraps (less than a fat eighth each) of at least two different fabrics: a main fabric (mine is a pink fabric scrap) and a background (mine is Kona cotton in Snow)

Cutting: From the main fabric you should cut five 2.5″ squares and one 1.5″ square. From the background fabric you should cut four 2.5″ squares, four 1.5″ squares, and two 4.5″ x 1.5″ strips.

Cross-cut four of the 2.5″ main fabric squares and the four 2.5″ background squares for making half-square triangles.

Piecing: Using 0.25″ seams…

(1) Make eight half-square triangles using the cross-cut pieces. [You might choose to use a quick-piecing method on the intact 2.5″ squares instead.]

Press the seams to the main fabric side and then square up the half-square triangles to 1.5″ squares.

(2) Sew pairs of half-square triangles together to make four sets of star points. Press the seams to one side. Press these seams open. [ETA: I have found that it is easier to assemble the star with less bulk in this seam.]

(3) Then make the rows of the star. To do this, attach two sets of star points to opposite sides of the center square and then press the seams toward the center. Then attach the small background squares to the ends of the other two sets of star points, pressing the seams towards the small corner squares.

(4) Finally assemble the star by sewing the rows together. The star block should measure 4.5″ square if you have used accurate 0.25″ seams. There should also be a scant 0.25″ margin of the background fabric around the edge of the block. This ensures that your star will have sharp points once this block is seamed with the others.

(5) Now we attach the sashing strips. Sew one of the 1.5″x4.5″ rectangular strips of background fabric to one side of the star block. And sew the 1.5″ square of main fabric (the cornerstone!) to the end of the other rectangular strip of background fabric. Press seams towards the background.

(6) Sew the cornerstoned sashing strip to the bottom of the block, aligning the cornerstone with the previously attached sashing strip. Press the seam towards the background fabric.

The block is done! It should measure 5.5″ square.

Now make a whole bunch more. My version will be more scrappy than the original. I plan to have at least 144 stars, each made from a different fabric. And, keeping in the scrappy spirit, I’ll mix up my cornerstones.

At the end of the quilt, you’ll need to add cornerstoned sashing to the top and righthand sides to complete the patchwork.

Who’s gonna be star crazy with me?