As I descended into my happy place yesterday, sewing just based on instinct, I realized that I could blog about the process of coming up with this design. It is a bit afield from the story-lines of the Stars of Insanity and the Scraptacularity tutorial series that we were pursuing a couple of weeks ago, but I happen to be captivated once again by a project I began back in April. It’s been sitting dormant for a couple of months and new inspiration struck while working on those stars and scraps in the interim.

I returned to this project because I am back at work full-time and I needed a way to relax in the evenings. I couldn’t take photos for Scraptacular tutorials in the dark, so I had to spend time on something else.

My work life is characterized by constant deep concentration while journeying through undiscovered country (in research) but also constructing extremely careful coherent explanations while treading on well-worn paths (in teaching). It is quite unacceptable to bounce around following whims in those endeavors, although that is my natural predilection. So when it comes to crafting, I am easily distracted and I will allow myself to put a current project aside in order to explore new ideas bubbling up from time to time. I keep notes and photo records of projects so that it is easy to pick up an old project again later. What’s great about this current project is that its design process requires constant shifts in concentration and inspiration.

And so for now I shall blog daily about the story of making this patchwork. It is still in-progress. It is also currently unnamed, but for ease of discussion, we shall call him “George.”

George is being built out of precision-pieced blocks, but in an improvisational style. Hopefully, what that means will become clearer as we go along. Each day I’ll tell you about a particular decision point, my thoughts about options and why I made the choice that I made. There will be some poor choices, some disappointments and a few moments of joy (for me, at least). And maybe this’ll be interesting to you?

Tomorrow: George’s raw materials…what they are and why I chose them.