So we really have to call this The Part That Made Me Cry

One Crafturday morning back in April I was staring at the cover of this Kaffe Fassett book and decided that I wanted to make a quick mini-quilt using some of those acute triangles. Now I don’t know how to extract patterns from books (scanner? copier? I don’t own either at home). So I drafted my own paper-piecing pattern freehand using the drawing functions in Word and printed out a few squares. That was simple.

But when I cut the fabrics, I cut them all out at once and cut them rather precisely to fit the printed triangles (with 0.25″ seam allowance added) and with little room for placement error. This was a big mistake.

It is really hard to judge those sharp angles and get the exact offset needed for good coverage. So I ended up sewing and resewing every single triangle in those nine squares because I didn’t want to waste all those precut wacky acute-angle triangles. And I didn’t want to put this aside because I knew I’d never come back to finish it if I had enough time to think about the insanity of spending a Saturday working on something so frustrating.

Thank goodness I committed myself to making only nine of these little blocks anyway. Because by the time I got to block number six I really thought that I’d have the technique down and it would just zip along. But no. No, I couldn’t get it right. I never got it right on the first try.

And I cried. I cried on Crafturday. It was a very dark day.

But the patchwork? I couldn’t help loving it. George was going to be like one of those kinds of boyfriends…

Tomorrow: What arises from the sadness…