So…even though George made me cry, I still loved him and I still wanted that miniquilt.

The patchwork spikes looked a little spare for a miniquilt. He needed a border. So why not use some more sawtooth?

Ouch!: piecing done?

I paper-pieced these isosceles right triangles quickly and smoothly and regained my spirit and confidence. And I started musing about an all-triangle precision-pieced full-sized quilt, built in rounds of blocks of varying sizes.

Flying geese would be next. I thought, ” I could paper-piece those, too!” That enthusiasm died off quickly once the issues with coverage started and the tears welled-up again. I continued on and made enough flying geese for a potholder and swapped with Penny.

for the swap

And I put George in time-out for a few months. He needed to learn a lesson.

Tomorrow: George gets star-struck!