So…when last we saw George, he and I were officially on a break. That was back in April.

But then I got all caught up in some scrappy star insanity in July and George snuck up on me to ask me to take him back. He always knew what to say to make me weak in the knees; he’s irresistible.

George’s new adornment is a bit more scrappy than the theme of the quilt thus far but nears more the scrappiness of the stars i’d been canoodling with.

four more

There are two decisions that had to happen here. First, everything is to be precision pieced in this design, but the side-lengths kept coming out rather odd. I chose to just add a strip of flour sacking to enlarge the piece to an easily divisible size. I would come to regret this decision, but there didn’t seem to be any other efficient option.

the morning after.

Second, what to do now? Should there be a full round of these stars or just on two sides? That is, should the construction going forward be a full log cabin or half log cabin? Overall balance is essential, but it seems like one could achieve that in many ways.

Inspiration was about to come out of the blue.

Tomorrow: George takes to the Ohio skies.