So…what do you do when your measurements are just a little “off”?

Last time I mentioned that the patchwork dimensions kept turning out to be strange measurements that weren’t easily divided into blocks of usual sizes and I compensated by just adding strips of flour sacking on two sides of the quilt.

I then spent many nights awake worrying about what to do to continue this quilt. Should I just keep augmenting with solids to make a log cabin of solid logs on one side and pieced blocks on the other side? Or instead, should I do the same, but rotate the solids and blocks around? These two skinny strips of flour sacking really put me into a tailspin: both of these options seemed like they’d be even bigger mistakes.

I considered doing some rows of square-in-square blocks to use instead of solid strips. But I was much too lazy to do that on that weekend. It might end up happening later, but just not now.

Convinced that this was an insurmountable problem, I really did consider just ending the process because of it.

And then I got distracted by Sara’s TwitterBee inspiration post. The Ohio Star block is really light and airy and would make the perfect balance for those dense stars already on George. I immediately knew I needed some of these stars going on and hoped that a solution to the augmentation problem might come to me while piecing the stars.

Ohio stars

Tomorrow: the stars align behind a brick wall.