I made eleven 5″ Ohio star blocks in a few days over a quiet weekend. It is a super fun, almost foolproof block in which it is easy to get nice sharp points if one takes basic care in piecing.

nine more

But George wasn’t quite big enough to attach them yet and inspiration for a solution hadn’t yet struck. I really wanted to see the new stars in place quickly, so I just impulsively began piecing some 2.5″ square bricks in random order without any white ones. The effect was that it immediately created a dark/heavy side of the quilt. It was a mistake not to use a few squares of flour sacking to lighten up the strips.

i weep because i love too much.

In hindsight, this creates a nice different sort of balance, if I say so myself, but it’s gonna be necessary to maintain the distribution of weight to one side. It won’t be good to have that brick wall stand out too much.

Tomorrow: a field of crosses and a look ahead.