Well, so I got benched from the sewing marathon due to an unfortunate bowling accident. And then Sunday I pushed myself to keep up on a hike with the ten 18 year-olds who are in my charge for the summer. After that trip I had to sit still in my comfy chair surrounded by lots of pillows to hold me and my aching ribs up.

Within a few minutes I was bored. Reading is still a great passion of mine, but lately I am bursting with nervous energy and have to constantly move, do, and create.

Oh, yeah! I know how to knit! For about thirty seconds, I considered finishing one of the embarrassingly large number of knitting works-in-progress that I have in limbo over here, but then remembered my dream of knitting this scarf pattern.

But there was a snag… Much like in my fabric collection, I have just small amounts of many different yarns in my stash, so I knew I couldn’t cast on immediately with just two colors as the pattern calls for. Hmm…so why not go scrappy?


I am completely enthralled by this: I can’t wait to knit the next chart.

Sewing will return in two weeks once I can sit upright for longer periods of time and once I get this scarf monkey off my back.