there shall be a showdown between me and Winter this year. i’ve been living up here (north of the FL-GA border, that is) for more than a decade and i still don’t understand why humans would choose to put themselves through this whole deep winter season. it’s also taken me a while to resign myself to the fact that i ought to better equip myself for it all.

and so i knit.


super-toasty, double-thickness woolens.

the linings

prepare for the smack-down! it will be epic.

the set

i’ll win as long as there’s no snow.


The details:

Pattern: Min Ulla Set

Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (2 balls of each color): cranberry, pink cheeks, persimmon heather, daffodil, forest heather, green tea heather, winter night, williamsburg, hyacinth; and Valley Yarns Northampton (1 ball): lavender [i had to dip into the second balls for the scarf, but this is all enough yarn for the scarf and mittens]

Sticks: US6 (4mm) for scarf; US5 (3.75mm) for mittens)

Modifications: knit in color (rather than b/w); wove in ends as i knit; added motifs and changed the order of some motifs to keep a balance of colors throughout the scarf; the mittens were way too short for my fingers, so i added several rows to the tops of the inner and outer mittens (still a little too short, though)

Started scarf: July 26, 2010
Finished scart: August 15, 2010

Started mittens: August 16, 2010
Finished mittens: August 18, 2010