With all the work on my mind last week I took a few days off from crafting. In my daydreams, loads of old and new ideas kept running around and taunting me. This cow beat down my willpower late one night.


Notice that big open space in the middle there? Kind of shaped like Australia? Yeah, I saved filling in there until the end because filling space with cross stitches can be a soul-sucking trial. Cross stitch feels like the slowest craft that I do.

So when I read about This is Handmade, a video blog to illustrate this monotonous dimension of the sort of work involved in crafting, I decided to join in. (How to join.) Here is five minutes of me filling that area. It’s about 30 individual x-stitches at most actually.

Yep, I do stitch in silence sometimes when I am thinking through some research questions or just working something out. That’s really what keeps me going with crafting. It’s a nice way to calm my hands (productive fidgeting?) so that I may think deeper. I get more real work done this way than when all I can do is click my pens and twirl my hair.

Another thing that keeps me going is access to high-quality materials. I stitched this on some scrap of 32ct linen I saved up years ago and using some amazing scraps of handdyed Gloriana silk embroidery floss leftover from two big projects. Of course, the floss was all called “cranberry” but came from two different dyelots. It only shows in that vast solid splotch area and since it’s just a cow, I decided not to have a cow about it. heh.

slow moo?

Here we are: a finished moo! This will join the stack of redwork for the quilt that might just be ready to be assembled.

slow moo: all done