…i start new projects. it’s totally counter-intuitive, but i don’t like to fight my instincts during times of great stress.

this past weekend i started a little cross-stitched rooster and this blanket while staring at a sweater-in-progress in the basket next to my chair that sits on top of a box containing another blanket project.

my notes on new quilt designs are exploding with inspiration and it’s taking every fiber of my being to resist sewing mock-ups of the patchwork ideas since that might lead to yet more works-in-progress in limbo.

eventually the crafting does become overwhelming if i convince myself that one ought to finish things. but that isn’t my true nature. i am a Process person and really enjoy trying new processes. it’s important that i find ways to explore ideas without feeling i must commit to every one of the long-term projects.

more and more, this blog will have begin to demonstrate the Whys and Hows of my life as a designer and crafter. it can’t be an Endless Parade of Perfect FOs like some other (sometimes intimidating and possibly unrealistic-for-me) crafty blogs. i must be honest with you and with myself about what i do and how it happens. perhaps an “idea journal” or a series of “what if…?”s would more closely reflect my motivations and my approaches? i have a pile of mock-up failures that might be interesting to talk/read about.

anyway i’ll keep thinking about that. for now, i gotta get back to real work.