at base, i love the process of creating things. and to go along with this, i love collecting a variety of materials to have at the ready when inspiration strikes.


it’s fun to rediscover my stash of linen scraps and handdyed threads and actually use them. five years ago when i bought them, they were somehow too precious and i was waiting for the PerfectProject that’d be worthy of their loveliness.

legs to stand on

i’m not waiting any longer.

a face?

this is 50ct linen that feels spectacular in my hands. it’s hard to see the threads when there isn’t enough light in the room, but with practice i was able to get the feel for the weave and stitch by muscle memory.


i used one strand of this handdyed variegated cotton floss from my stash. unfortunately it had no label.


the ultimate issue is that i plan on sewing this into my redwork quilt, but it’s likely not washable. today i don’t care because i got to have a super luxurious stitching experience for a few days. but there’s something in me that makes me think that i don’t care if the colors will bleed. is bleeding and pink halo tinting in this quilt actually an effect that i want to embrace?

i dunno.

standing cock


pattern here