So this is a a project completely motivated by the fabrics…

I found an amazing hand-dyer of fabrics online, that sells grab bags of scraps (2 yards total of bits of many many colors in each bag). They have an amazing spectrum of colors on offer that seems to change yearly. Someday I’ll invest in more. [French Country really makes me weep a little with joy.]

I love scrappy work anyway and they seem to give big enough chunks of each piece so that I could really try out the fabrics before investing in yardage. Beware that they are pieces with some dye splatters and fabric weaving flaws. But you can work around them. I just cut around the weaving issues and accepted the dye “errors” as design elements.

I began an improv piece late one night last week and then that changed quite a bit over time into this final design.

The real triumph of this project is that I finally overcame my fear of machine quilting and just gave it a try! I just did some straight lines paralleling the main seams, doubling them in one direction.

My only challenge was small tucks every so often when approaching a line of quilting already there. It seems like more basting pins will improve on that problem. Next weekend I plan on trying some free motion quilting!

Here’s the wide angle view of the final quilt.

Color Frenzy: all done

The details:
Pattern: just some improv patchworking similar to this tutorial
Materials: 1 grab bag of scraps plus a little more brown; backing is a sheet found on sale at Target
Techniques: machine pieced, machine quilted, hand bound
Patchwork size: 66″ square
Finished size: 63″ square
Started: October 8, 2010
Finished: October 17, 2010