i must admit that i’ve knit three sweaters in my knitting lifetime and none of them have been successful.

  • the first was knit in 2006. it was a cardigan, the simple one from Peace Fleece–the Everyday Cardigan. it turned out too wonky because i seamed it all wrong and it is really much shorter than i’d like. i don’t even know where it is now. it’s best forgotten.
  • the second was Cafe Bastille Cables, knit in 2007. there are two problems with this one. first, i really shouldn’t be wearing big chunky cables over my ample bosom. and second, despite knitting and re-knitting five times, it is a struggle to get the neckline over my gigantic noggin. once i get the sweater on, i feel like i’m trapped and hyperventilate from fear.
  • Sweater of the Resurrection: it just needed a collar

  • the third was the Hand to Hand Aran Pullover knit in 2008. i really just cast on for this one on impulse and skipped swatching. had i just added a few stitches to the body and added a couple of inches of length, it would be a nice sweater!

A Rustic Sweater: on me

and so with great reticence, i find myself with two sweaters on the sticks right now. both are cardigans because my skull is still huge. and i’ve added length and width to both based on measurements from my favorite sweaters. i’m really hoping they turn out okay so that i can regain some confidence in my knitting.

i might have...

this one is Aidez. it has cables, but the ones in the chest region are not chunky and so it should look okay. i’m using Cascade Eco Wool+ on 6mm sticks, knitting one size bigger than my own because this yarn is thinner than that used in the pattern. i have the right stitch gauge, but the row gauge is all off. this should be okay since the pattern specifies lengths rather than number of rows mostly.

cross your fingers for me!