it’s so nice to have my computer back from the Apple shop. they took real good care of her, installing a new fan and a new keyboard. they even put in a new battery!

in the past week, without constant online distractions, i’ve gotten tons of work done and practiced pure project monogamy on my Shelter blanket project day after day. but then an amazing surprise gift came in in the mail…

my flickr buddy–the amazing Norwegian colorwork-knitter–Ann sent me the best super surprise: a handknit iPhone cozy and the Arne and Carlos Julekuler book! [thanks, Ann!]

as soon as i opened the book, i put down my blanket-in-progress and cast on for this adorable squirrel ball with some Shelter. the Shelter yarn is great for colorwork: in the blocking the stitches relax immediately and bloom like nobody’s bizness.

squirrel ball!

would it be bad if i decided never to knit with any other yarn ever?

squirrel ball!

The Details:

Pattern: Ekorn from Julekuler by Arne & Carlos
Materials: Shelter yarn (long johns and fossil), minimal amounts
Sticks: US 5 (3.75mm)
Started: November 6, 2010
Finished: November 7, 2010