So I am obsessed lately with design. This hasn’t really been a big part of my consciousness for most of my life. Yes, I appreciated beauty but my obsessions in my 20s were music, beer and math; there was no time to indulge in reading about other things. However in the past couple of years I have taken to reading about some of the great graphic designers of the 20th century. MC Escher was likely my gateway, bridging the mathematical and magical.

I am currently inspired by folk art iconography. And so when I encountered Sanna Annukka through this post on her coffee tins on The DieLine back in January 2010, I fell in love immediately. Turns out Marimekko printed her Kanteleen Kutsu designs on textiles and ceramics back in 2008 and I managed to score some last week through Finn Style and from this Marimekko concept store in NYC.

The fabric is a lightweight upholstery cotton with a large-scale print. I have no idea how to use it, but it’s great to stare at.

These postcards will likely be my holiday cards.

So glad that this is the kind of present I can give myself…