A whole new world of pattern ideas is now opening up for me with this technique getting solidified. I used a Norwegian knitting chart as a basis for this design and I have quite a few more queued up.

The total grid is 23×32 units. It took a couple nights to cut the 1″ squares and then get them all placed and glued.

And now that I’ve learned of the magic of basting spray and the ease of machine quilting, I was able to baste and quilt in one night–just an hour or so of active quilting.

Before washing, i decided that i liked the raw edges on the outside of the quilt echoing the raw edges of the pieces. So I just quilted a double frame using zigzag stitch to secure the quilting threads. And now that it is washed, I’ll go ahead and rip the excess fabric to get a narrower margin all around. But technically this is done.

I’m surprised by how okay I am with not having traditional binding on this. I am also surprised by how excited I am to try some other “art quilting” techniques now. It’ll take a while to get comfortable with this…

And now…what’s next? Well, two things. I’ll post the squirrel chart just in case you want to use it. And I’ll show you one of my less successful usages of it.

The Details:

Pattern: My own interpretation of Arne and Carlos’s Ekorn chart from Julekuler
Materials: pre-shrunk flour sacking; Kona cotton (snow and various reds); basic muslin for backing; cotton batting; YLI cotton thread
Techniques: raw edge applique, efficiently appliqued
Finished size: main part of quilt is 25″x34″; each square is 1″

Started: November 28, 2010
Finished: December 4, 2010