The Nuts! chart is linked there as a pdf. It is not a pattern but rather a minimally embellished map for the pixelation. I think there are zillions of ways to express oneself in the patchwork.

For instance, I think that it works well in traditional patchwork on the right scale. I included one suggested color scheme in with the chart: a rainbow!

[Please avert your eyes from the clutter and scattered nature of my current workspace.]

My first experiment with this motif was actually in traditional patchwork using 2.5″ squares, but I made a couple of mistakes. First, the scale is much too large for the motif to appear as a discernible squirrel from a reasonable distance. Second, the two yellows I chose to use are low contrast relative to each other, so those stripes kind of stand out too much in the final piece.

I’ll still complete the quilt and add it to the many layers beginning to congregate on my couch as winter settles in.

Let me know if you do any squirrel-y patchwork! There really aren’t enough quilted squirrels in the world.