This hasn’t been a year with very many finished quilts and there are still stacks of tops from as far back as 2008 waiting to become quilts. But I did take a giant leap forward by getting new equipment and learning how to machine quilt.

I started a bunch of tops, made a whole lotta blocks for virtual bees and (actually and theoretically) swapped quilts for other crafty stuff. Here’s the un-narrated gallery; click through to read the stories. [These are only the quilts completed in 2010, though that first image is of that top alone. I never got a good photo of the final quilt.]

for Danielle

Big Blocks: all done!

Erica's Flock

Southwestern Skies: all done

for Anne

shiny shot


Oof, and there are two more! But I can’t show them to you for a couple of weeks…

This feels like a hodge-podge of styles to me, which isn’t totally a bad thing. However, one of my goals developed in 2010 is to work on figuring out what might be my style and begin to work on it in a series of quilts. That began in August and I think the 2011 retrospective quilt post will be more cohesive.