Gosh, thanks folks for the lovely comments on my blanket! I am humbled. I won’t be able to respond to each comment, but know that they are all greatly appreciated.

While transitioning to the next epic project, I took a moment out for a quickie embroidery-on-impulse. That is, I have been known to read things in my spam folder or on Twitter and then impulsively stitch up a response. So when on Monday my friends Julia and Erica began discussing the recent red-winged blackbird mass death in Arkansas, I was intrigued.

The image at left is from this article in The National Post. It is meant to be a humorous illustration of all the wacky speculated causes. It really was an all-too-typical moment in US media with actors and religious zealots being interviewed about the incident and too few scientists weighing in while waiting for the evidence to speak. As of now, the fireworks explanation is the one the media is accepting and disseminating. They say the thousands of birds were startled, flew into buildings and then died from the blunt force trauma.

Now Boarding: Conspiracy Train

But with yet another mass death yesterday in Louisiana, the speculation leads to a one-way ticket onto the Conspiracy Train.

Why hasn’t this happened after every firework-laden holiday (like every July 4 and every New Year’s Eve)? Why only in this one community on that day? Why only red-winged blackbirds? Can we ever know for sure?

I really only intended to stitch up a cute little thing…