So…this is the time of year when folks are making (and breaking) resolutions, especially those about indulging particular proclivities. I’m not declaring a resolution here, but rather am declaring an intention to learn more about myself so that I might better understand when and why I indulge and hence get it more under my control.

My vice? It is stashing fabric and yarn. And I already have a sense that I purchase more when I am stressed out about RealLife and when I don’t have time to craft. Dreaming of ideas and building palettes seem to be byproducts of tension in my life. Since these first weeks of my Winter Break have been rather stressful, I’ve gotten the chance to observe these instincts and really rein them in.

My fellow StashPact-ers will keep me accountable going forward and provide great insights and inspiration over the year. I’ll also reserve some space here on the blog for ruminating on the issue; talking it out will be helpful.

With the pride of a great big game hunter and the shame of a weekend drunkard, I present to you my final stash enhancements of 2010.

Quince (puffin) for a scarf.

Random charm squares, fat quarters and a layer cake–gorgeous stuff from a friend’s destash; and fat quarters of Kate Spain’s Central Park and Tula Pink’s Parisville.

Handscreenprinted textiles from Spin Spin, Yardage Design, and Claudia Pearson.

I feel my personal “art” quilting becoming all-solid, so I stocked up on handdyed yardage.

This seems like enough to keep me busy in 2011…and beyond.