The motivation:

Colorwork knitting is a bit addictive and I just can’t wait to find my next project. In my crafty wanderings last week I finally settled on the need to play around with some yarn and practice my technique. Achieving better tensioning on the floats at the needle joins was the goal and it seems I finally got the knack of it.

sooooo, yeah.

The process:

I used some traditional Norwegian designs from charts in some Rauma booklets and Adrian’s Generic Mitten Chart to put together a pattern. Here is my chart: Nordicness Mitten Chart (PDF). You can use the chart within Adrian’s pattern if you like.

I made a few modifications on my own mittens:

1. I used worsted yarn (KP WotA in semolina and dove heather) on US 5 sticks.

2. Instead of making a ribbed cuff, I knit a 1×1 ribbed hem (about 1.5″ long) that I then tacked down at the end. After knitting the hem facing, I attached the main color, knit one row, purled one row and then knit one row before beginning the chart.

3. On both the fingers and the thumb, I kitchenered all remaining live stitches. This did require redistributing stitches more evenly on the needles before grafting.

The mittens are a little snug on my chubby hands, but only a tiny bit. I’ll add these to my 2011 donation to Nest Maine.