Some time in the beginning of last semester when stress was peaking for the first time and there was little to no crafting going on, I became smitten with this new line of fabric from Moda. I impulsively ordered up a packet of half-yards of the red and aqua colorways and vowed to make time on the following weekend to work with the fabrics and clear my head a little. I hardly ever follow through on the intent of these impulse purchases, but this time was going to be different.

Now it must be said that I have almost never made a quilt top while confining the palette to a single designer’s collection of fabrics. But with just a few mouse clicks, I’d gotten a stack of beautifully coordinating prints in great colors I love. Possible worries with the success of the design were reduced by one.

The patchwork is simply 6″ squares of the prints alternating with some Kona snow and it took just a day to sew up and baste. I added ticker tapes of scraps in the white squares. And then off and on over the past three months, I handquilted the whole thing in the ditch and along the diagonals. [The photo above is before and below is after shrinkage.]

The backing is a remnant of some wide blue cotton found on sale a couple of years ago. The binding uses a half-yard of the floral print from the fabric pack and a couple of scraps of some Osnaburg cotton.

It’s a simple utility quilt for the couch that reminds me of summer.

And it feels good to be finishing things right now on my Winter Break, but it now comes to an end. I’m back to real work and a more normal schedule.

The details:

Pattern: just a random checkerboard of 6″ squares and some ticker tapes
Materials: Moda’s Bliss and some Kona snow, a few half-yards; various red embroidery threads; QD wool batting
Techniques: machine-pieced; raw-edge applique (but the stitches go through full thickness of quilt); handquilted; hand-bound
Finished size: 66″ square

Started: September 25, 2010
Finished: January 9, 2011