this winter break has been quite a success when measured by the number of deferred maintenance projects that have gotten done. here’s one!

this ottoman came from Ikea back in 2001 and is still quite sturdy. it’s the perfect height and squishiness for my favorite chair. the slipcover, however, faded in the first year and just ripped right open last autumn. because it’s usually covered with blankets, i didn’t really care about the fading, but the ripping had to be attended to.

i deconstructed the slipcover that came with the ottoman and just made a rough copy using this Denyse Schmidt County Fair lightweight canvas. the cover is snug and attaches with a drawstring on the bottom. my skills with sewing curves are quite terrible, so it was a pleasant surprise that this didn’t turn out disastrous. there are a few tucks in the curves, but i can totally live with that under my blanket.

so…this fabric has been in the stash for over a year now and there’s still a yard or so leftover. you see, i have a bad habit of accidentally buying decorator weight fabrics online. but this will work quite nicely as binding on a few quilts. some of the larger-scale heavyweight prints in the stash will require more creative usage…