I am eager to move on, but thanks for your thoughtful comments on yesterday’s post. I don’t share like that very often and appreciate your responses.

So…how about a quilt for the week? I’ve got a tall stack of quilt tops in my sewing room and finally learned how to use my new machine for quilting. It feels mighty amazing to finish one efficiently in one weekend.

This is more of a Tale of Two Quilts. Back in March 2009 I began the month with an infusion of a giant pile of scraps from a flickr friend, Katie. I used every patchworking skill I’d ever acquired to piece improvisationally for only the second time. Within ten feverish days I had pieced my magnum opus:

a scrappy oldie

Because of all the bulky seams, I sent this one off to a longarmer and finished it up in June 2009. It has been on my bed ever since.

squares!: a little silk brocade

While that top was away in Maine getting quilted, I switched gears and became quite enamored with the idea of making a precision-sewn companion for that one using 2.5″ squares; some of them were pieced (see above), using the same pile of scraps supplemented with some charm packs of Japanese prints. Check out this melon-headed fellow:

melon headed fella

I did send this top off to my longarmer in Maine, but had it sent back to me after a long delay. At that time I was preoccupied with many other new projects so it ended up languishing in a stack for more than a year until last week. In an impulsive moment on Friday night I basted it up and began just sewing diagonals freehand. Somewhere in the middle of all this quilting, I wondered in amazement at my long-standing foolishness in fear of machine quilting.

The backing is yardage from the stash and the binding is the County Fair lightweight canvas dots mentioned last weekend.

All in all, I love this pair of quilts for all the learning they provided me from start to finish.


The details:

Pattern: postage stamp quilt
Materials: cotton and silk fabric scraps from my scrap box, my stash and Katie‘s cast-offs
Techniques: machine pieced; machine-quilted
Patchwork Size: 64″ square; each small square started at 2.5″ and finished at around 2″. umm…that’s 1,024 squares.

Patchwork Started: March 13, 2009
Patchwork Finished: March 25, 2009
Quilt Finished: January 16, 2011