Part of my rules for the StashPact is that I must begin to make significant inroads on my works-in-progress list. What’s funny is that as I have finished things, my guilt has led me to add on other projects that I’d kept off the public list for one reason or another. A steady-state of 40 projects on the list has been maintained. The list seems complete now, however and so the number should begin to decrease as long as I keep myself honest.

One of the big problems with this list is the tedious and large-scale nature of the things I choose to make. And so after finishing something it seems daunting to begin working again on something so engrossing and intricate. I have noticed that I end up starting (and usually finishing) some small quick project in-between. This week I made some mittens! [Click on photo for details.]

wood hollow on ice

All week I also worked a tiny bit on a few different works-in-progress to see if anything sparks again. I made solid plans for this quilt, finished one star block and then realized that I had to get more fabric (it’s a commissioned quilt so the purchase is sanctioned under StashPact rules); I quilted this quilt top and started the binding; and I returned to knit a couple of new strips onto this blanket.


I still don’t know what wants to be finished next. But it is interesting to notice this behavior. It would be nice to figure out to use it to some advantage. Maybe it just is what it is?