This design is by Tania, a new quilter who is participating in the NewBee. She came up with a lovely design and I’m helping by writing a tutorial for the bee.

[Click on photos to enlarge.]

Block size: This tutorial makes one 9.5″ square block.

Materials: Three colors of fabric. In this tutorial Fabric A is purple, Fabric B is blue and Fabric C is yellow. You’ll need one 10″ square of Fabric A, and scraps of the other two for one block.

Cutting: From Fabric A: cut one 9.5″x5.5″ rectangle and one 7.5″x4.5″ rectangle. From Fabric B: cut one 3″ square and one 2.5″ square. From Fabric C: cut one 3″ square.

Place the two 3″ squares right sides together and cut along one diagonal.

Sewing: First seam two of the triangles together along the diagonal.

Press the seam. I pressed to one side here, but it will be easier to sew the rest of the block if you press this diagonal seam open.

Once pressed, you want to square this piece up to be 2.5″ square. To do this, place your ruler so that the 45-degree diagonal lies on the seam. Trim to remove the dogears and to reduce to 2.5″.

Now lay out the pieces of the block in this order.

Sew the triangled square to the remaining square of Fabric B as shown. Press the seam away from the triangled piece.

Then sew this piece to the small rectangle of Fabric A. Again, press the seam away from the triangled piece.

Finally sew this to the larger rectangle of Fabric A. Press the seam away from the triangled piece.