Finished up the binding on two quilts this weekend. One is a quick miniquilt made in swap for some gorgeous Madtosh yarn from my buddy Heather.

I think we’ll name this one “Charles.”

Sneaking off from work before sundown (well, at 4pm) on Friday and spending all night sewing like mad felt a bit naughty and reminded me of the short short story of the same name by Shirley Jackson. That metaphor is thinly connected, but we could also say that this handsome quilt is named for my dad, if we prefer. Heck, my dad was a bit naughty too.

a very good Crafturday indeed.

It’s an 11″ square of scrappy log cabin blocks using solids (Kona, Quilter’s Linen, and shot cottons). The quilting is becoming my favorite–just an offset diagonal lattice with irregular spacing. I like dense quilting that doesn’t obscure the patchwork design and this seems simple enough to balance with the very basic blocks.

I’ll show you much more of the big quilt later.