Back when i started knitting, about 5 years ago, i also started dyeing yarn every weekend. I only used food-grade dyes and gallons of vinegar, but the process was fun and the results were satisfying enough. The yarn just piled up and I kind of forgot about it.

still on a break...

That is, this collection remained forgotten until this blanket-knitting frenzy began in 2007. This yarn went through a few different ideas (like this one) before settling into its current form in 2009, along with pretty much any other worsted weight yarn in my house.


Again, this blanket echoes the improv I’ve been exploring in my quilting. This is a standard log cabin construction and you can find patterns in many places, such as in Mason-Dixon Knitting or for free online here and here. I just exercised freedom in changing colors at any time (just using scraps and frogged pieces as-is) and using irregular strip widths.

folded behemoth

After just four weeks of knitting, the size started to be a drag. Getting through one row of knitting started to take too long and other ideas were shiny and distracting. So this did lay dormant from October 2009 until January 2011.

A couple of weeks ago when I unfolded the work, I was surprised to find it was already quite large and behemoth-like. Although I generally prefer larger blankets, I know my own current endurance when it comes to this kind of knitting. I was going to have to be okay to stop when I couldn’t take it anymore. It really only took a couple of weekends of diligent knitting to get it to this final size and it’s a perfect lap blanket for a short person like me.

Whew. It’s done and on ice. And I’m ready to move on.


The details:

Pattern: big ass improvised log cabin
Materials: various worsted weight wool yarns; 1200g
Sticks: US 7
Finished size: 50″x56″
Started: September 8, 2009
Finished: February 5, 2011