Sorry for that brief interlude and sorry for being behind on email over here. This space is undergoing growing pains and we weren’t prepared for the results of some lovely folks noticing this site and publicizing it. It was a pleasant surprise and is greatly appreciated. I do read each comment, respond to almost all of them, and visit your website if you leave a link. I’ll keep working my way through the email and get back on my feet soon.

Thanks for visiting! I love your willingness to share your ideas and opinions and I hope we will continue our conversations for a long time to come.


Today I am possessed by a new project and find myself thinking quite a bit about devoting myself to it and only it for the next few weeks. You know, project monogamy. This isn’t a state of being I’m often found indulging in but I always love the rapid progress that results whenever I do give it a try.

new love.

I usually get bored eventually or feel guilty about neglecting other projects when I attempt monogamy, though. This time I might have managed to find a happy balance. I’ll be semi-monogamous between two blanket projects. This striped one requires lots of yardage of individual colors, while the second one is constructed from small bits of “leftovers.” So after each stripe, I take the remaining yarn and build on the scrappy blanket. My heart is devoted to the stripes, but my head gets to play a little on the side with the scraps; this way I see progress on both blankets and don’t get bored with any one technique.

The Good Wife (season 1) has been my companion throughout this knitting and now I wonder how much that influenced this current metaphor.