If you poke around this site a bit or just meet me in person, you’ll find that I’m the contemplative sort. I think a lot about what I do and lately I’m trying to make sure i understand why I do it. there are far too few moments in a lifetime to waste on meaningless tasks and my real work exhausts that easily. Anyway, it’s lovely to discover other makers out there who articulate notions eloquently.

This breadmaker clearly loves his craft and is a true artisan. [Beware: this video will make you want to bake and/or eat bread.]

And the manufacturing of linen–from harvesting flax to spinning and weaving–is a mesmerizing process. The quality control from start to finish is quite admirable.

For me, these each were calming videos in their own ways that helped me connect with my own motivations while also making me want to bake, eat and sew.