I always overestimate my endurance for big projects. That is, in my excitement for starting new things, I forget that rows grow as time goes by and i find myself in some excruciating positions for the long haul. This bias square blanket is a prime example.

To make a 64″ square (unblocked) there will be a total of 450 garter stitch ridges, which is 900 rows of knitting. 176 of the ridges are done, but they now take more and more time to knit up as the diagonal lengthens.

The yarn is a collection of a variety of brands of worsted weight yarn of similar gauge in tons of different colors. I haven’t planned much about colors other than that the progression and stripe widths will be improvisational with some coordinated odd moments. Oh, and the sticks are a 60″ US6 Addi Turbo circular.

Maybe this will be finished within 2011?