We conclude the week of works-in-progress with my favorite one.

So…seems that you can all guess that I like making blankets. This instinct began not long after my father’s funeral a few years ago and the work was good meditation during a time of extreme contemplation. The symbolism of creating the comfort of warm woolly hugs isn’t lost on me under these circumstances. I am also attracted to the large “canvas” that blanket creating provides. Having lots of territory to cover really allows for much more play with ideas than a scarf or pillow cover might provide.

Inspired by Tina’s gorgeous Insanity Blanket and using scraps of worsted wool yarn leftover from other blankets, I cast on for this one back in Sept 2010. The technique is domino knitting but you can also use this free tutorial. My sticks are short US 5 dpns.


I really am a little shameful to admit how excited I get when I have time to knit a square. My squares are 1.5″ and each one takes around 15min to knit. As of now, I have built out to the final width of 64″ and it will grow lengthwise very slowly. Even though the overall growth is slow, I get a sense for how each new square changes the color effect in each region. And that seems to be what keeps me going.

Have a great weekend!