When did “machine” become a positive thing to call a person? I have gotten comments like this and I even have given comments to others about their machine-ness in moments of high crafterly productivity. We really mean to say something positive, but the actual statement can be seen as a back-handed compliment. And we need to be more careful.

No matter what we might view as the future of robots and such, we still live in a mostly mechanical age when it comes to the high-volume production of textiles. Do we really intend to say that our crafterly colleagues are like heavy metal gear boxes just grinding away at a single task all day?

When I knit or sew, I think. I make decisions based on a complex combination of aesthetic and structural traits and I rarely make the same decision twice. Everything I make bears evidence of human manipulation and lacks in perfection and uniformity in myriad ways.

As for my productivity? I like to make stuff and it is a fundamental part of my life and my identity. Even though I have a complicated life and my job brings a new challenge every day, I make time to interact with colors as often as possible. Sure, sometimes I choose not to sleep as much if it means that my life is more full. But mostly I find moments and I plan ahead.

I am not a machine.