squishy swatch In moments when my RealJob gets to be as stressful as it is now, I naturally seek outlets for my nervous energy.

In particular, new project ideas also begin flooding forth and that becomes overwhelming and adds to the general anxiety. I try to keep up by sketching or writing lists, but that can lead to the desire to swatch and experiment, followed by ambitious but ill-advised stashing of new materials.

While I did indulge myself last week with a stack of fat quarters, I am not feeling too terrible about violating my StashPact. [This fabric, in particular, will work in projects from past, present and future ideas quite easily, so it’s an example of what I’m starting to call “smart stashing.”] Since January 1, I have filled carts with delicious fabrics and yarn all over the web and then methodically talked myself out of all of it–over and over again. Overall, old works-in-progress have been finished, there is very little new fabric or yarn entering my house, and my bank account is fattening up nicely.

Some late-night non-committal swatching is turning out to be quite cathartic. That pink knitting above is the squishiest swatch ever and can easily be frogged to become part of the next blanket. And last night I unwound by improv-ing a bunch of patchwork letters for a quick quilt.

everybody does it

Heh. Yes, I am three.