So thanks for the recipe recommendations. I’ve been poking around online and trying to remember what sorts of stuff I used to cook. Apart from baking, I’m not good at following recipes, but I love getting inspiration from them.

I sweated some onions, sauteed mushrooms, and then reduced balsamic over them with a pinch of salt and sugar. Served over toast slathered with goat cheese, it was simple, rich and satisfying. With the remaining mushrooms, I did the same for breakfast the next morning replacing the cheese with a nice runny egg.

shroom love

Next I’ll just steam up all the broccoli and have it as a side here and there exchanging with salads. And then there’s the chard… Some will be sauteed simply and some of the rest might go into a Potato and Kale Gratin.

organic kiwi

The fruit is harder to deal with, in some ways, because I just have to remember to eat it. I froze the blueberries and will toss them into yogurt smoothies. The rest is just a matter of snacking.

This amount of veg is about right for me for a week in a time when I can cook every night. When things get more stressful, I’ll cut back to a half-order. Just got the list for Friday’s delivery and I’m getting excited for more new-to-me veggies and new ideas.