So much is happening around me now–at home, at work, in PA, in every state, in the world–that I can’t figure out what to care about. That is, it is impossible for me to give my attention fully to a zillion things at once and so I find myself just spinning around, aimlessly interacting and sympathizing but incapable of engaging with mind, heart and soul.

Spring Break is on the way, so maybe I’ll have the time to focus and sift through all the ideas and ideals zinging at me and make sense of something.


For now, here are a few faves…

—I am loving getting to knit a row or two on this blanket once a week.


—I was delighted to discover this quilt recently. Stacie’s use of large-scale prints is novel and the classic clean design is gorgeous.

—There is something about this quilt-along that makes my scrappy heart go pitter-pat. The focus on color families leads to some lovely process photos all over the web; take a look at these, for instance, and then go float around in their flickr pool.

roasted broc

—It was a great pleasure to cook up and gobble down this roasted broccoli recipe, thanks to the recommendations of Lisa and Jacey.