With just one more day of classes before Spring Break, I am feeling a little more grounded for a moment.


This blog will also take a week off while I indulge in an overly ambitious to-do list:

— sleep!

— bee blocks
— quilt WIPs
— blanket WIPs
— reacquainting with the spinning wheel

— quilt shows in Lancaster, PA

— reading for fun
— cooking and baking

— reading for work
— trying to prove a theorem
— finishing a project report
— meetings and phone calls

— cleaning office
— cleaning house

— doctor’s appointments

I hope you have a great week!

ETA: Do go read a follow-up post on that Heather Ross fabric issue from before. You won’t regret it. Pam provides us with an educational and expansive look at the issue and the broader contexts in which one ought to view it. And definitely read the comments.