I find my mind wandering to red things lately. These are some of my flickr favorites from the past month or so.

Reddish faves
1. simply irresistible, 2. Words, 3. y’all, basting pins are slow!, 4. red white and winter, 5. Charming Triangles Quilt Top, 6. bad hair day?, 7. Anzula Sebastian Seacell/Merino, 8. Sjal, 9. tulipsdkred, 10. 150:365, 11. Fully Loaded, 12. , 13. Memoir, 14. Dresden Dolls Redwork (Pt 1), 15. art on cherokee street, 16. Untitled, 17. cafe, 18. Fiona’s Quilt, 19. fractional swatch red, 20. february blocks

And I’m slowly getting back into redwork embroidery. I stitched up this pillowcase one night this week after a brief conversation with my friends Erica and Stacie inspired it.


It might be the last bit of potty-mouth crafting to share with you for a few weeks, although I am still working on my embroidered tribute to MayorEmanuel over here behind the scenes.

Have a great weekend!