ron-campingStep Zero: Watch the latest episode of Parks and Recreation while sipping first cup of coffee.

Step One: Laugh so hard that coffee shoots out of your nose whenever Ron Swanson is on-screen. [Skip to 4:53 in the linked episode for reference.]

Step Two: Resolve to commemorate the moment in textile form. Rewind to 4:53 to catch the quotation. Sketch a design idea.

Step Three: Google for fish clip art and find a cool idea on a machine embroidery website. Download image and manipulate in your ad hoc ways.

Step Four: Use favorite blue Sulky transfer pen to create iron-on. [Be sure to trace the letters backwards–on the back of the printout.]

SwansonFish: on paper

Step Five: Transfer image and words onto a scrap of Osnaburg cotton and then gather the other necessary tools and materials.

SwansonFish: transfered

Step Six: Stitch away while watching a few old episodes of P & R to gather new inspiration and daydream about getting to hang out with the man, the legend…Ron Swanson.

it's like yoga.