This poetry quilt was supposed to be a quick project. I finished the patchwork in a week and sent it off to be quilted by a longarmer who finished her work in just a few days. Unfortunately, her quilting didn’t meet my expectations and so I’m having to fix it.


I’d finish this faster if I didn’t have this residual anger in my heart. To be sure, the longarmer was supremely professional and we were able to resolve the issue amicably even though we were both stressed about it. We’ll just communicate more carefully in the future.


I couldn’t bring myself to rip out the existing quilting since that would take days to finish. So I just decided to try quilting some contrasting diagonal lines over the loops.

the one that broke my heart.

I have strong opinions about how much quilting I like. And I like dense quilting. Since I don’t prewash fabrics, this produces good drape and more controlled shrinkage effects. When a quilt doesn’t have “enough” quilting my stomach gets all tied up in knots.

In the end, this looks like it’ll be a nice quilt, but it’s not clear to me that it will be worth the heartache. Oy.