Well, not really. On balance, things are going okay right now. Work is hectic, but I’m making better scheduling choices and managing to get stuff done. Outside of work I am beginning to explore a theme in quilting and feel like it is meaningful to me.

Favorite photos: Here are some flickr faves. There seem to be few blue or purple photos that I fave over there. Hmm…

Blue faves

1. love, 2. detail (cropped), 3. Steady, 4. Boots on a Porch, 5. Kitchen Aid, 6. Just Pictures, 7. Fully Loaded, 8. my neighborhood, 9. 140:365, 10. Pigeonroof Studios merino/soysilk in Indigo Ink, 11. The Empty Spool, 12. oraquaccordion, 13. Chicago Theater 2011 Snowstorm, 14. Rua do Século, 15. Mini Circle of Geese, 16. Philipsburg, St. Maarten, 17. Hooky Goodness Takes Over the Sofa, 18. glossy starling, 19. more sunset, 20. Clarabóia, 21. round and round, 22. Two colors… [FRONT PAGE], 23. The Quilting, 24. like music, 25. color week – wednesday blue

Favorite moment: A great thing about yesterday is that I found a way to have my one-hour lunch at home. I had hot home-cooked food (chicken curry leftovers), watched a little Downton Abbey, and designed and embroidered this little bit of stitchery. It felt so civilized, but I can see how it’d be to easy to get comfy on the couch and be late for afternoon meetings.


Favorite words: Apart from topflappen, I must say that stabby is one of my current favorite words.

Favorite topflappen: The annual potholder swap is coming due so some lovely ones are appearing all over. I love Adrian’s simple colorful one that she made with skinny thread and a tiny hook, Mandy’s happy flowers, and this bright nubbly one.

Have a great weekend!