I’ve started a new series of quilts that are variations on a theme. They aren’t necessarily funny, they aren’t all cute, but rather they are meant to provoke thought, self-examination and, perhaps, action. The quilts are all at various stages of completion, but beginning next week I want to roll them out one by one here on the blog for discussion–honest discussion.


And so this seemed to be the right time to mention how much I love to learn and I can only learn from hearing both positive and negative feedback about my work. If comments are constructive and not personal attacks, then I embrace them and attempt to consider doing things differently. I would love to engage in conversations with people who are willing to teach me while also possibly learning from me. This is about a communal exchange.

But I hate haters, and especially despise anonymous haters. Anonymous comments are not allowed over here at Chez Cauchy, but the moderation software that I use allows me to check for fake email addresses before a comment is posted. I see them all even if they don’t make it to the blog. There have been some hateful ones from folks who don’t have the guts to use their real names. To those folks I say, “fuck off.”


From time to time bloggers take a moment out to speak about stuff like this. Malka’s recent post refers to non-anonymous criticism that can be read as being uncivil. I agree with her plea to be considerate. Be critical and honest, but think about the language you use.

I look forward to our continued conversations.