I am eager to show you what I’ve been working on lately, but I have to admit that I am treading a little more carefully these days. Who knew that there were folks who would take my art so personally and want to threaten me because of it? Should I just stick with those sweet happy quilts with the calicoes and kittens that entertain without necessarily meaning anything?


Don’t get me wrong, I am still working on sweet happy traditional patchwork quilts. (See above.) I believe in practicing patchwork techniques and learning new ones in order to maintain my sewing skills. And I respect all quilts and all quilters. This is hard work and I am eternally impressed by what can be done in patchwork.

But I am also finding it useful to work out some current thoughts and feelings through art quilting. In many ways, this is the only way I feel I can react to some adversity. It is impulsive. It is real.

short stack

These three quilts happened in the past two weeks; from concept to quilting. They lack binding, but I might go ahead and show them to you anyway. There is a fourth, which is really the third in the series. It’s all basted up and awaiting quilting. The one on the top of the stack was the first one made. It is the one that means the most and might challenge even the most willing viewers, so it’ll be the last one seen. Probably two this week and two next week…and I might restrict access somehow.

Here’s the idea:

We are always tiptoe-ing along the boundaries of the question “what is a quilt”? For the moment, let’s accept that a quilt is a covering we let embrace us to keep us warm. We choose our quilts based on preferences, of course, and one dimension in our choice has to do with the images of ourselves projected by our choice. But our identities are not only internally self-determined. Sometimes external entities (like our parents, our communities, and “Nancy”) label us and–like a quilt–these labels can hide, consume, and/or suffocate us.

Working title: Who I Think You Think I Am.