These two simple quilts are sketches for more elaborate ideas and shouldn’t need much explanation. They are like nametags.

Yes, there will be binding.

I had a doting dad who tried to make me wear pink. He’d buy me dresses and jewelry and I’d thank him politely but not really ever wear them. A resilient but sweet princess is what he wanted but he ended up with a kid who was more like her. It seemed it would be difficult to save the world in a dress.

princess on table

I wore my mom’s tiara to school once with jeans and a t-shirt. And it got broken when I hung upside down on the monkey bars, so they asked me to abdicate. Heh.

quilted princess

Deep in my heart, I imagine I would use these quilts as superhero capes or for building forts in the living room.


Or for a picnic on the 4th of July.


The red stripes provide a stubborn, rigid, sharpness while the denim acts as a tough armor.


My own (mild) bitchiness comes out when presented with nonsense. And my dad whole-heartedly approved of that, actually.