Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s quilt. It will be raffled off to raise money for PP. I try to respond to the significant comments in a timely fashion. But yesterday I ran into a snag when Gmail assumed I was a spammer just because I was sending lots of emails and they cut me off. I’ve figured a way around it and will be back on track with comments now.

How about some stuff I’ve noticed around?

  • My buddy Sonya is busy knitting on things like this bike wheel! It’s always fun to see what she will embellish next.
  • Kay’s gorgeous Noro blanket has wormed its way into my brain. Gah. Just look at how the colors in the yarn work for her so kindly. I am a Noro addict, but haven’t worked with any in over a year. This situation must be rectified.
  • I often get questions about how to choose color combos for projects and I never know how to answer because I’ve not given it thought. I go with what “feels right” and sometimes I fail miserably. Luckily, Jeni wrote up these really cool tutorials for fabric combos, The Art of Choosing, that I can study and refer folks to. Apparently it’s part of her senior thesis and contains nice photos and interesting explanations for the beginner.

Have a great weekend, folks!