So…continuing with the series of who i think you think i am quilts, we move from gender to race.

Ever heard of an oreo? Not the cookie, but the derogatory term. You know: “black” on the outside but “white” on the inside.


In my experience, you get called an oreo if you like school. You get called an oreo if you don’t speak in Ebonics. You get called an oreo if… Well, just let the stereotypes flow.


Once upon a time in college, a guy I was dating told me that I wasn’t black enough for him. Now I had already written him off because his greatest ambition was to be the Vice President of the US. Vice President. He was totally not good enough for me. So I wasn’t all that insulted by his comment.


But I told my dad about it because he wondered whatever happened to R–. And my dad said, “Forget him! I’ve worked really hard to make you the best oreo you can be.”