I have been far from my sewing machine for about a week and really enjoying some slow, small crochet again. As always, I chose to work with small pieces because they fit well with my attention span.


Introspection on my own quirks has helped with my success rate in converting some WIPs to FOs. For example: I like modularity–hence all the projects built from blocks. I like to sense progress as I go–hence the immediate seaming, building outwards from the center. And I like the chance to improvise–hence the frequent color changes and the random two-color blocks.

the edge

This will be a blanket…eventually. The work is still fun; I haven’t yet hit the slogging conversion. So I expect the healthy growth to continue for at least one more week.


Details? The yarn is a variety of worsted weight wool, the colorway is pure happiness, and the hook is 4.5mm. The squares are just standard 2-round grannies that come out to about 2″. Ultimately I’ll just keep hooking until I get bored, then wait until it’s interesting again, and then hook until it’s about 64″ square. There’ll be an edging of some kind.

Have a lovely weekend, folks!